Community Community7.x ProductionForum Post: Interest in a software tool to log and track each opportunity, and then all interactions after they become an affiliate, 31 Mar 2020 17:55:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:048671bb-f315-42d6-81ed-eef4b4d4cbe8msmith009 We are a small nonprofit looking for a tool to log and track each opportunity, and then all interactions after they become an affiliate.  Basic requirements include: team members able to share all collected information on line repository of all opportunities, contacts, plans, phone conversations, etc. collection of all action items, owners, and delivery dates, with all handled through e-mail intuitive to use, with on-line training support for 6 to 12 team members cost effective for a small nonprofit Have investigated some different CRM tools, but there doesn't seem to be a clear winner.  Intestested in what others have used successfully.  Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks. Forum Post: Workato for Raiser's Edge and Salesforce, 31 Mar 2020 16:56:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:a50ae43c-a64a-49cd-a4e5-7079ab5194e1LWK_TCF Has anyone used Workato in integrate Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge and Salesforce's Nonprofit success pack? Forum Post: RE: Zapier, 31 Mar 2020 00:44:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:e33d2b30-fe61-40e8-8e98-d130b92a0df4jmshutt I second that, our non profit would really benefit from being able to automate our processes. Forum Post: RE: Microsoft Office, 30 Mar 2020 23:51:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:a68b7db8-e2b9-4405-8b3f-004ab0525e39ajeab the $39 is donated, limit to 50 licenses.  if you want more than 50 you can get Discounted for license #51 and up for $167 (or$108)each. Forum Post: Zoom Pricing - how to purchase another host license and get the 50% discount, 30 Mar 2020 22:32:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:aebee64d-a3a5-4700-ad43-1521f2de588dDallasMeditationCenter I recently purchased a Zoom Pro bundle with the Techsoup discount for a single host license (yeah, between Techsoup fee and Zoom, we just save $8-9, but our nonprofit can use that $8-9). After using it for the past weeks, we can see that we'd benefit from having a 2nd host license. Reading some related messages on this forum, it looks like we should be able to get the 50% discount on any of the add-ons or licenses for the year period. How do we go about purchasing a 2nd host license within the discount program? In Zoom, when I go to Admin- Billing and click on Add/Edit and go through the motions there, it looks like it's quoting full price? Will the 50% discount be credited after I push the final submit? Or should I be going a different route to update? --- ck Forum Post: RE: Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge verses Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack CRMs, 30 Mar 2020 21:05:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:dfa43dcf-e470-4894-aa52-ae8185b2fa22LWK_TCF Thank you for taking the time to answer my post.  This was exactly the kind of on the ground experience I was hoping to capture!  This is super helpful, and much appreciated. Forum Post: RE: Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge verses Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack CRMs, 30 Mar 2020 21:03:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:f6dc0dd5-1bb9-4ec6-9ffd-ec929c32a065LWK_TCF Thank you for taking the time to answer and post your resource page, much appreciated. Forum Post: DocuSign, 30 Mar 2020 16:37:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:f191eb74-8150-4e8e-bd99-da4c57b47224Tennessee1234 Is anyone using DocuSign through TechSoup?  is there a limit to number of documents that can be signed?  Thanks David     Forum Post: Global VPN Licenses, 30 Mar 2020 15:57:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:8b258b60-9a47-4fce-bb98-b6084c719cbcwhm99 We're looking for additional SonicWall Global VPN Licenses. I know that someone mentioned other SonicWall licenses before, but I was wondering about the possibility of Global VPN licenses as well. Forum Post: RE: Where's, 30 Mar 2020 14:45:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:e965d7cf-0962-4736-a7b5-1ba85bc50165nrcat Gayle, just joining the others in how important especially right now and then I can imagine wanting to use it going forward as well.  The approval process that platforms like facilitates is vital as staff are working remotely. Forum Post: Hello, 29 Mar 2020 02:20:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:eb8089e1-9ae5-477e-9c23-9bd897a1252dahollaway My name is Al.  Tech Services Manager for  the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum.  aka the Air Zoo. We are looking at using Zoom, along with a lot of the rest of you.  Looking for advice on how best to deploy. Forum Post: RE: Computer/Laptops for kids at home during this time, 28 Mar 2020 15:33:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:67eb41dc-8313-4e60-8f2e-747778b79fceaclagg This is something we have been discussing as well.  Some of the schools provided technology (Chromebooks), but not all schools.  Forum Post: Seeking donations of new or refurbished Mac laptops or iPads, 28 Mar 2020 14:41:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:86b3c17e-d73f-4469-b965-13fffd15b8b0ARTZPhiladelphia Hello, everyone -- My non-profit organization, ARTZ Philadelphia, has been a member of Tech Soup for four years and we are so grateful for the services provided here. Of course, like all of you, we are now entering a completely new state of "normal," where the quality-of-life programs we provide to our community members living with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia can no longer be delivered in person. Many of our constituents live in those long term care communities and nursing homes that you have read so much about recently -- they have shuttered their doors to all visitors to protect the physical health of the residents (as of course makes sense). But that means that the isolation of these already isolated elders has doubled and tripled. We also have constituents living in traditionally high-poverty, underserved areas (such as North Philadelphia for those of you familiar with the Philadelphia landscape). We work in bilingual and other communities of color where meeting face to face is the only thing that helps elders living with memory loss to feel connected. And now they can't do that any more. So we have been moving as many of our programs and meetings with community members online as possible. Some of our community members have access to smart phones and tablets, some of them don't, which makes connecting with them via technologies like Zoom almost impossible.  So I finally have reached my  point -- we are seeking donations of new or refurbished Mac laptops or iPads so that we can distribute them to our folks in North Philadelphia to give them ways to connect with us, with their friends and with their family members. Even one or two laptops or iPads would make a huge difference. Does anyone know a source we might apply to, or does anyone have relatively recent but retired laptops or iPads they'd be willing to donate to a really wonderful cause? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, we at ARTZ Philadelphia wish everyone safety and good health -- Susan (Founder and Executive Director) Forum Post: RE: Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge verses Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack CRMs, 27 Mar 2020 17:35:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:20ebf0b8-ce40-46ec-9dc9-636d94e311f9JonBiedermann Good question. (Note:  While I was the creator and founder of DonorPerfect Online and worked at DonorPerfect for nearly 25 years until a couple of months ago, I no longer work there.  As a result, the following comments are my own, and in no way represent the opinions or position of DonorPerfect.  I have also used SalesForce extensively, and have worked with Raiser's Edge in the past for some of the nonprofits I served.) To be blunt: There is simply no comparison. Raiser's Edge has more than 40+ years (hundreds of years if you look at man years) of nonprofit expertise- SalesForce NPSP has about 8 years or so, and perhaps a couple of dozen man years. Raiser's Edge focus is entirely on the nonprofit sector. SalesForce's non-profit business is a fraction of Raiser's Edge As a result SalesForce is missing not dozens, but hundreds of commonly used features and functionality that you have likely come to expect when using RE.  Examples include simple things: such as calculating retention rates by gift ranges (impossible in SalesForce without customer programming or an export), to applying 3rd party pledge payments, to capturing 'unique gifts' (such as gifts of stock, inkind, planned giving, etc.) to running relatively simple queries such as, "Show me all of the donors who gave (or have soft credits) of more than $1000 in the last year, not including Capital Campaign Gifts.".   And then there are the things that SalesForce doesn't do at all and you have to buy a 3rd party tool.  These are common, everyday fundraising functions such as mail merging, payment processing, and online fundraising (both single gifts and monthly giving).  None of this exists natively in SalesForce.   While Blackbaud isn't perfect either (and is overkill for likely 50% or more of their customers), in good faith I could never recommend SalesForce vs. them.... unless.... You are a nonprofit where the vast majority of your revenue comes from fees for services, and you are more concerned with case outcomes of your constituents and coordination of all staff vs. actual fundraising- where the fundraising needs are minor and relatively simple- then SalesForce is likely something seriously to consider. Finally, there is the cost.  And Blackbaud is not cheap. On the surface, SalesForce will 'look' much cheaper.  But nearly identical to the analogy of an iceberg, more than 80%-90% of the TCO (Total Coast of Ownership) of SalesForce resolves in the customization, care, and feeding of the system (much higher than RE). Expect to pay thousands of dollars for every 'simple' customization, and becoming a mini SalesForce development shop.  Since SalesForce doesn't really provide nonprofit specific support, expect to pay either pay a 3rd party consultant or hire a SalesForce DBA.   Having been in this industry for a long, long time, I have heard from reliable sources that the failure rate of medium to large size implementations of SalesForce approaches 40% or more! So those are my candid observations.  I have no allegiance to either software, good or bad.  Both could be the right fit depending on the needs of the organization, just make sure to be very thorough and *always* make sure that whatever solution you consider can actually replicate your critical processes.... just because the account manager/sales rep/SalesForce partner says that their software can provide certain functionality, always insist on actually seeing it in action. Vaporware is very, very much still alive and like a roach motel, once you check into a large, generic, customizable solution, you typically can never check out before it's too late and you have spent too much money. -Jon Jon Biedermann President The Biedermann Group Forum Post: RE: Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge verses Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack CRMs, 27 Mar 2020 16:57:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:1b8cbee6-9647-42ec-9bc3-50a9703318d7rweiner Hi, and welcome to TechSoup! Your question isn't easy to answer. I've helped lots of nonprofits select CRM software and have seen clients go each way (and also choose other systems than the two you listed). The right answer will depend on your needs, your budget, and your level of IT savvy. You need to: Document your requirements Identify deal-breakers and prioritize the rest Hold demos of the systems to compare their ability to meet your needs Know what you can afford to spend on software and professional services, both 1-time and annually. Involve the right staff in each of these steps and in final decision I've posted links to lots of articles about how to go through this process at Forum Post: Iam New, 27 Mar 2020 15:12:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:8c9a1f1d-f99d-4a9f-ab8a-f8916691762awarteggratis Hi Everyone! I just register  to TechSoup.  I'm still build up a charity organization to share food for free in indonesia name called as warteg gratis . (warteg mean like small free restaurant for poor people only )    I am grateful for TechSoup's advice and assistance! Forum Post: Gantt chart with progress, 27 Mar 2020 11:29:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:498ab905-b885-477f-a18b-fbd537048724vermell481 In the exemplary Gantt outline (see Creating a Gantt graph), the vertical hub records the undertakings to perform, and the flat hub speaks to the all out time of the venture. The situation of the even bar relates to the errand start date, and the width of the level bar shows the term of the undertaking. The watcher can rapidly discover the request for the stages, the span of each errand, and distinguish covering work. Progress Gantt graphs include an extra visual piece of information – the concealing of the bar that is corresponding to the level of the errand consummation. When PCs presented better approaches for working, venture directors discovered they could spare time in making and refreshing their Gantt outlines. Gantt diagram programming, additionally called venture arranging, venture the board, or undertaking planning programming, was made to mechanize the procedure to help further developed Gantt prerequisites like making task conditions, including achievements or recognizing the basic way of a venture. Many venture administrators customarily utilized nearby work area programs like Microsoft Project—many despite everything do. In any case, today, Gantt outline programming has moved web based, empowering anybody to make shareable and community Gantt graphs and tasks plans. Work area versus Online Gantt Chart Software  Venture the board programming has fundamentally improved the manner in which groups work. Work area Gantt diagram programming is most appropriate for one administrator who likes to design venture exclusively, without a need to handily share the arrangement. Like overseeing ventures in Excel or even Word, work area Gantt graph programming offers one neighborhood rendition for each client permit. It turns out to be difficult to share huge Gantt or plan record sizes without the undertaking reconciliation of a sharing-center point like Sharepoint. Indeed, even with Sharepoint, others you need to impart the document to likewise require the work area permit of the arranging programming, which can additionally expand costs. Online undertaking the executives or Gantt diagram programming bolsters simplicity of sharing and community venture arranging. Since the product is 100% on the web, anybody you welcome can see your undertaking plan, however update their assignments and connect documents right to the errands they're chipping away at. Furthermore, the expenses are significantly not exactly the work area variants, on the grounds that there's no exorbitant server establishments, incorporations and related permit costs for every client. Eventually, a great many people discover the choice to move online with your undertaking arranging and Gantt diagrams is an easy decision, since the profitability increases far exceed the migraines of more established work area methods for working. The Benefits of Online Gantt Chart Software  Numerous individuals are accustomed to making task records in Excel or other spreadsheet devices. They may have made a basic Gantt outline, similar to we have offered right now. This works fine when you're making a rundown of things for one individual to see. At the point when you need to add more individuals to the movement, at that point it turns out to be such a great amount of simpler to make the Gantt diagram on the web. Undertakings update at whatever point anybody changes their % complete or includes a remark or appends a document continuously. The employments of a Gantt diagram, as should be obvious by the sheer number of groups and jobs who can profit by utilizing Gantt graphs, are many. Here are only a couple: Plan and Schedule Projects  Plan and Schedule Tasks  Plan and Schedule Tasks over different activities  View Tasks Over Time  Plan in Sprints  Group Collaboration  Planning Teams' Work  Deciding Planned versus Actual Timelines on a Project  Must-Have Gantt Chart Software Features  While no two Gantt graphs are the equivalent, there are key highlights that you should benefit from your Gantt:  These are spoken to by a precious stone image on the Gantt and have no length. An achievement denotes the finish of a bit of work or period of the undertaking. They are regularly fixed dates with or significant dates that you should know about. Understand more: Learn how to utilize achievements in your booking. There are two parts to most Gantt diagram apparatuses you see online today. On the left is a segment or framework that rundowns task names and information. On the right, each assignment has a relating bar that runs on a level plane. The bar begins the date that the work is planned to begin. The more extended the bar, the more drawn out the errand will take.  Visit௹☞  Water Heater Repair » » » | Bigpond email problem |     Forum Post: RE: COVID-19 curated resources and product offerings on TechSoup and beyond (free access to tools here), 26 Mar 2020 23:30:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:9f54ddae-c22c-4d86-938b-76ba5a5c53c1shaughnyb List of free software from Fortune magazine. Forum Post: Microsoft Office, 26 Mar 2020 18:32:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:85f1f5f1-04a5-4c3e-8d82-c80e588fc1b0Jeanie_S I am trying to determine which Microsoft Office to get but I am seeing, for example, Microsoft Office Standard 2019 for $39 Admin fee, Office Standard 2019 (Discounted) version for $167 admin fee, Office Standard 2019 (Discounted) no software assurance for $108. As an admin for a non-profit, I am trying to purchase the office suite (do not want Office 365) and am confused about the differences in these prices.  Any help would be appreciated! Forum Post: RE: New to Techsoup, 26 Mar 2020 17:48:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:8241f402-ec37-43e6-926d-eb1875dc0aa6SusanChavez Hello and welcome to the TechSoup community! Happy to have you here! Just a couple of questions, has your organization received TechSoup validation yet? You'll need this to request a Google for Nonprofits program validation token . Once you have this, you can apply for a Google for Nonprofits Account to get access to Google tools. Unfortunately, TechSoup doesn't provide direct support for Google products but we are happy to point you to where you can find this information . If you could give us a little more information about your organization's standing with validation, that will help our community help you.  Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for joining us. Sincerely, Susan TechSoup Social Media Manager