Community Community7.x ProductionForum Post: ACT by Swiftpage, 22 Oct 2019 18:47:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:4b6b6706-2c73-497c-8ec9-2fc73ef166e8AlRay Is it possible to get ACT as part of the software donation program? Forum Post: RE: Adobe Acrobat 2019, 22 Oct 2019 15:06:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:f6438fff-de0b-4259-baf3-f31c2da2cb2bbaily_ann Rdupont, Thank you for your message! There is no Acrobat Pro 2019, Adobe stopped releasing new desktop Acrobat versions after the 2017 version. Instead, the newest, most updated version of Acrobat is Acrobat Pro DC. Hope this helps! Baily Maples, Program Manager, TechSoup Forum Post: RE: QuickBooks 2020, 22 Oct 2019 14:36:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:f874701a-c3a6-4bd0-a09c-5d97b1a8d382woodleyhouse Great!  Thanks I am also waiting on the QB 2020 to upgrade!. Forum Post: RE: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 10 inch screen bumper, 21 Oct 2019 20:47:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:eb22d089-8e73-4237-bf77-f21174cbd2a2jawilliams Hi Scottban! What is the actual product you're referring to by "bumpers"? If you're referring to a product that's distributed by Lenovo themselves then I'd be more than happy to check if it's available at a nonprofit discount through our Lenovo program:–-access-to-discounted-rates--G-50386-- .  If it isn't, we'll be more than happy to explore whether we can add it as a TechSoup offering! Thanks, Jamie Forum Post: Adobe Acrobat 2019, 21 Oct 2019 20:31:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:a507f0af-8327-4e4d-a891-9c2a1bdbd4cardupont After upgrading to MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) Adobe Acrobat versions older than 2019 will not launch as they have 32 bit components.  Would like to get the 2019 version. Forum Post: Server Standard Discount Licensing, 21 Oct 2019 18:10:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:d2c110eb-d20a-4030-99ab-044dc77d2dd0Klarg Hi There, Was wondering if anyone could tell me how long a Server Standard core license lasts? I believe it typically needs to be renewed annually, but the donations are only purchasable every 2 years, so do those licenses last 2 years or do I need to replace those? Then for the discounted licenses are those annual or 2 years? I.E. if I have 128 core licenses to purchase to by purchase them annually or every 2 years, or is it that I need to buy 25 every 2 years and the rest annually? Forum Post: RE: "Donated Licenses of Microsoft 365 Business Now Available", 21 Oct 2019 17:04:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:a6f4191e-5321-46b5-a2b0-419aa141c1aboeconline Thanks for your help! I managed to find it and get it working after looking again. Forum Post: RE: "Donated Licenses of Microsoft 365 Business Now Available", 21 Oct 2019 16:53:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:2537ba13-ff46-44fa-83dc-3914fd396bedKlarg I've also ordered it from the portal. It'll make you "purchase" them with a credit card, but they won't cost anything. Forum Post: RE: Request Software Advice for Database/Outcomes Software, 21 Oct 2019 16:50:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:ff27d295-04de-4c81-aa9e-6264c64a28f1Diane_J Hello Annie, I just finished developing an outcomes database with MS Access for Turning Point a drug and rehab facility.  If you would like I would be glad to meet with you online via GoToMeeting to show you what I created for then to help you clarify your thoughts and explore what is possible with MS Access. Please send me an email at Diane Forum Post: RE: calendly, doodle, etc with a nonprofit discount?, 21 Oct 2019 16:40:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:57331832-460c-402d-859f-22272ecca5e9rweiner Hi, and welcome to TechSoup! Here's a list of options  (I used it as a starting point when my favorite calendar software -- Tungle -- shut down). I settled on ScheduleOnce, but was also impressed with Acuity. I think they all cost money and I don't know whether any offer nonprofit discounts.  Good luck, and please let us know what you settle on. Forum Post: RE: Animal Shelter software, 21 Oct 2019 16:29:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:2469e9d4-6ad5-46e1-9674-92f2e20e756frweiner Dear Karen, Welcome to TechSoup. You are replying to a post from 2014. The OP has not been active on this thread since then so you are not participating in a conversation. You also did not identify yourself as promoting your own product. Your post therefore constitutes spam and has been edited. Please read our guidelines , which prohibit advertising. Forum Post: RE: Quickbooks Online Advanced, 21 Oct 2019 16:27:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:19e36deb-2ee6-4d4b-9391-f77620bda963baily_ann Hi Jeff, I have added you to our outreach list and someone will be reaching out to you within the next few days. Thanks! Baily Maples, Program Manager, TechSoup Forum Post: RE: Quickbooks Online and payroll, 21 Oct 2019 16:19:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:f9977930-a1d3-4b3e-87a8-bfebab664fa2baily_ann Hi Tylerunitycenter, QuickBooks Online Advanced and Plus are both cloud-based products that do not have a CD option available. The QuickBooks Premier and Mac products offered through TechSoup are desktop products, but are sent in a downloadable format, not a physical CD. Hope this helps! Baily Forum Post: RE: QuickBooks 2020, 18 Oct 2019 05:34:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:d04fc356-23f3-4a77-a329-c409e8ea8a89anthroposccunseling It does, thanks! Forum Post: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 10 inch screen bumper, 17 Oct 2019 20:11:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:69b35674-b63d-44eb-9692-25d57f3b7e9eScottban Would it be possible to have added Lenovo Yoga 3 bumpers that fit the 10 inch screen tablets? Forum Post: RE: QuickBooks 2020, 17 Oct 2019 19:58:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:278c73e2-a697-4ec9-b381-c3025529b43abaily_ann Hi Anthroposccunseling, Thanks for your inquiry! We anticipate having the new QuickBooks 2020 products in early November. Hope this helps! -Baily Maples, Program Manager, TechSoup Forum Post: QuickBooks 2020, 17 Oct 2019 19:53:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:598f090c-a27e-4ccb-9e02-faf4c641fdd8anthroposccunseling Any guess as to when QuickBooks 2020 will be available through TechSoup? I'd hate to upgrade to 2019 only to see 2020 available a few days/weeks later. Forum Post: RE: Animal Shelter software, 17 Oct 2019 19:15:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:4e8465cf-5343-4822-89cf-a30be7c6a3d7KarenRG Hi Laura, You should also consider [deleted by moderator] as a software solution.  Below are links to the YouTube Video overview and all the various items offered. [deleted by moderator]  Sincerely, Karen Forum Post: Camp registration programs, 17 Oct 2019 18:54:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:240cf01c-8f9f-4a05-8785-d7437daad5a0hunthill Like CampMinder, Jumbula, ActiveNetwork to provide online registration with family logon. Track registrations, attendees, donors, volunteers, members, & building use. Forum Post: calendly, doodle, etc with a nonprofit discount?, 17 Oct 2019 18:31:00 GMTcaa7681b-025a-49ce-809f-7435bfe4d232:01695555-0069-4ad6-b457-859a01522601HighSchoolGG Looking for the best calendly or doodle clone with nonprofit discounts... haven't been able to find anything that's decent and has feature parity with calendly.